Thursday, February 20, 2014


A little collage painting for Ann. Layers of vintage book pages and handwritten text, randomly torn and  adhered to the heavy card substrate. Then "primed" with matte medium for better tooth to add colors with colored pencil, chalk, watercolor and acrylic paint. I do lots of light wash layers and blot them almost entirely away, then build up again. I want a smudged look to mouths and cheeks, letting the reds and pinks bleed out… and many shades are involved in getting skin color the way I want it. Not realistic by any means. I want imperfection and strange shadows. This piece got a final coat of acrylic aging varnish which gives *almost* the effect that wax does to an encaustic painting. It enriches the colors and makes things blur a little more (because it's water based).
4" x 6"