Thursday, October 16, 2008


Since I'm currently into reading the "Twilight" series, this project was very appropriate. :)

This Vampire Bat is another great pattern from Donna Veal of Moonchilds Primitives.
Mine didn't turn out as nicely as hers... but I'm going to make a couple more and "tweak" my technique.

"BAT" is a primitive "make do", made from painted/stained/aged muslin. His wings are wired... head and body are stuffed with polyfil and he's standing on a candlestick base that I picked up at Goodwill.
No... I didn't make the fun chenille pumpkin... I bought it last fall at Lily Wiggins in Ridgefield. But I may try to copy it! :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Finished just in time for granddaughter Iris's ninth birthday party yesterday, this Halloween skeleton "prim" was made from a pattern by Donna Veal of Moonchilds Primitives.

He was easy to make, but involved some new techniques for me. It was a whirlwind project, as I only settled on making this for Iris three days ago, and really didn't think I would get him finished in time. Just went for it!

Skully is about 18 inches tall (probably more, if we include his hat)... made from muslin, painted with acrylics and "aged" with sandpaper and a coffee/cinnamon/cocoa powder stain. His "friends" include a snake, a mouse (looking warily up at the snake) and a spider.

I'm starting another of Donna's fun Halloween prims today... this time, for OUR house. :)

Friday, October 3, 2008

All better!

Ahhh.... that feels SO much better, now... doesn't it? New hair, hat back on, new sash, ribbon rose straightened up. She'll be released from the hospital later today.
I feel a sense of accomplishment in finally getting around to this repair! (Sorry so long, Sarah!) I needed to get "unstuck" and get things rolling, and this did the trick!