Saturday, May 25, 2013

A little less stress... a little more inspiration.

Really wanted to work on a doll today, so spread out my drop cloth and got out the gesso to prep for a layer of paper clay on this partially finished papier mache' piece...

But then I just froze up. Think I've seriously lost my creative mojo, people. Life has been ultra weird lately and the stress level is high all around me. So, I left the doll laying cold on the slab and decided instead to spend the rest of the day looking EvErYwHeRe for some spark of inspiration.

Color does it every time. Is there anything better than this bright chartreuse next to the deep purple-y blue of the pansies?

Woody... omnipresent, but aging considerably of late.
I love you, Kenilworth Ivy. I love how you pop up everywhere and that you will never leave me, no matter what I do.

Ceramic acorns from Holland.
Back inside... I turned to (what else?) chocolate...
And then... even asked for a little help from Kitchen Jesus. The window sash he stands on came from an English church.

Supplies? Unfinished projects? Things that normally get my juices flowing?

Vintage things? Patterns and images that I love?

Oddities and funky things that inhabit my studio shelves?

Temporarily distracted again by deliciousness (well, and color)... 
AND... back full-circle, to the original project I was trying to force upon myself.

Her torso speaks volumes. I'll cover her in gesso another day.