Sunday, June 16, 2013

Voodoo Dada

A little Father's Day voodoo is in order! A few of my "voodoo aliens" have been gifted to some of the awesome men I know, because you just can't give a *pretty* or girly doll to a guy. This one was made for my own extra-special Dad...
 The body is made of an old wool Navy blanket and the right eye is a button off my dad's own Navy uniform from the late 1940's. I've been carrying that button around for years. Some other details and charms are specific to some of my dad's skills, accomplishments and interests. He used to have his pilot's license and owned a small plane, hence the propeller up top. There are also some bits of fishing tackle, gears and skeleton keys... just random generally "manly" trinkets. A vintage clock hand makes a great necktie.
Dad has always been a musician, so I added a guitar pick and musical notes. He was a swimming instructor/coach for many years... and later, a driver training instructor.

The car and swimmer pins are Webelos pins. The wheelbarrow Monopoly token, made into a charm, represents Dad's love of gardening.

Clipped from one of his sister's old report cards, the family last name was signed in pencil, by his mother. He likes to feed and watch hummingbirds, so I added a coin charm with that image.

No one under 35 knew what this thing was! If you don't know, ask your grandma..;-]

Old spoon handle (left leg) was dug from the ground on the property where my dad has lived since he was 6-yrs-old.