Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas is a Speeding Bullet Train

Many were the good intentions for making oodles and oodles of prims and fairies for our local "Hometown Christmas" bazaar, which happened on December 6th. Back around Halloween, I'd committed to sharing table space at the December event with two friends... and was rip-roaringly motivated to sew, wrap, stuff, paint and embellish up a winter storm to make a little shopping money. Well, "LIFE" had other plans, which diverted us (by ambulance, with a little side jaunt to the ER) to a "weekend retreat" in the pediatric ICU at Doernbecher Children's Hospital in Portland, in early November. Many seizure drugs, antibiotics and a pneumonia diagnosis later, Katera took two weeks off from school to recover, throwing a king-sized monkey wrench in Mommy's ambitious crafting plans.

I did manage to finish three prim dolls from Donna Veal's fun patterns... a Santa, an Elf and a Butterfly doll... plus four Salley Mavor flower fairies, which worked just fine to fill up my spot on the table.

By sheer happenstance, we were given THE plum spot in the building... leading all the day's foot traffic directly to us. I sold all three prims in the first half of the day, and all but one fairy by the end of the day. I did price everything quite reasonably, given the economic slump of late... (and given the expectations of our usual "home town" attendees). Still, I noticed quite a few other vendors did not sell much of anything, so I was quite pleased.