Friday, April 16, 2010

Art Journaling

Art journaling... what's that? That was my first reaction, about a year ago when I first heard of it. I've checked out a number of exciting books from the library since then and joined a couple of online groups.

The whole point of this is to delve into one's inner self and dredge out the "stuff" that is getting in your way... blocking creativity. So, while this is just an exercise, for me alone... not really a piece of art, per se... I am posting it here anyway. This particular page is my first completed art journal page ever... so it merits a little honor.

I joined Rachel Whetzel's group A Year In the Life of an Art Journal. The group is given a "prompt" word every two weeks... and we're all encouraged to use that word as a take-off point. The current prompt was "MOVE".... and this two page spread came together from there. I'm using an altered copy of The Secret Garden as my art journal.