Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Iconic Miss Raggedy

Who can resist that face?

I've been entranced by the clown-like face, loopy red yarn hair and lumpy over-sized mitten hands of Raggedy Ann for years. I bought an old Ann and Andy pair for myself when I was in my early 20's... simply because I had never owned a Raggedy as a child, and felt deprived, I guess. Those two have long since disappeared... what with raising my three sons, moving house and losing my deep connection to dolls for a while.

My dear granddaughter, Stella, turned 7 recently... and I was determined to make her a doll. I'd been lately drawn to some photos of old Raggedy's in a doll collector's book, and so decided on a "prim" Annie for Stella. She's just 10 inches tall, with an over-sized head and wide-spaced eyes. Hair is cotton yarn; face is painted on with acrylics, and she received a coffee stain aging treatment. I used vintage fabric for her sweet little dress. Pattern design credit goes to Denise White. This Annie was great fun to make, and Stella loved her!