Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wonderland.... sneak preview!

Just can't help myself. I'm having so much fun creating this challenge doll that I can barely wait until the event (one week from today! *GULP*). I've decided to tease you all with a little advance peek of the "work-in-progress".

My character of choice was the Mad Hatter... mostly because I thought there would already be plenty of Alice's, and because I really wanted to try making that top hat!

No, I haven't seen the new Alice in Wonderland movie yet... so I'm not trying to recreate Johnny Depp in doll form. My Wonderland preference is for the original book illustrations by John Tenniel, so I've printed off copies of his Mad Hatter drawings for guidance and inspiration. My Hatter will be my own interpretation, but definitely informed by Tenniel's vision.
So here are just a few WIP photos to whet your appetite, should you have one!

His basic body parts have now been completely sculpted, constructed, painted and assembled. I'm down to dressing him and attending to details. One prototype hat has been made, but I may work on at least one more and choose the best for the final product. Enjoy... and please join me here, one week from today on July 8th, as we all fall down the rabbit hole together!!

 More construction details will follow on "the day".


shelleypryor said...

Patti, your Mad Hatter is precious! Love his nose and teeth! He is definitely original on your behalf due to your imagination and skills. Bravo! Shelley

Carolyn said...

This is going to be one of the great ones in the callange I just know it I did a mad hatter 2 but yours is just classic Very Nice Work I cant wait to see him all done

Children of Eve said...

He's great! I love his vest, his socks, his teeth!

paula nerhus said...

very sweet little guy! his clothes crack me up! amazing!

Yovanka Black said...

Oh yeah... he's having fun alright hehehe

Love everything about your little guy... he 's such a character!!!
Puts a smile on my face too... super sweet and lovely work!


littlebitwired said...

Really did a wonderful job with him. Classic!

woolies said...

he's amazing.

LoopyBoopy said...

fabulous! wonderful character!