Friday, September 17, 2010

Bird by Bird

Getting ready to share a vendor space with my good friend, Carolyn Sawyer, at Ridgefield's annual Birdfest and Bluegrass event, coming up October 9th & 10th. I wasn't quite sure what to do at first. Most of my work is not typically bird or wildlife oriented. But, I've been playing around with making Scrabble and bamboo tile pendants and charms using vintage bird images, and I think I might have found a winner.
I found a great vintage bird collage sheet on etsy and have been (pardon the pun) "winging it"... figuring out how to best stick the images down, seal and finish them. The trickiest part has been trying to remember my wire-wrapping techniques to make these pre-drilled tiles into pendants. I'm playing with different ideas, and think I have it worked out.
My personal favorite is the black annealed steel wire. It's a little stout, so I've got to hone my wrapping technique... but I think it looks great when burnished with a little steel wool. I may add beads and charms to the bottom loop, and am determined to use up what beads and wire I already have in order to keep my overhead very low for this event!

These Scrabble tile charms were fun. I had them lying around... already drilled and outfitted with wire loops from when Karl and I were doing jewelry forever ago.  I used a one-step crackle glaze by Ranger as a finish over these, then highlighted the cracks using Distress Ink.

Fooled around a little bit with some quickie bird-themed collage pieces. Here's one that's not quite finished yet...

It needs some added elements yet... a few border highlights and an aging treatment. I did decide, though, that the polar fleece & Keens-wearing, Subaru-driving Birdfest crowd probably isn't quite ready for my *ahem* more "eclectic" work.

Have I mentioned how much I love crows? Ravens and crows are my favorite birds of late, so I started with that and went off in a bit of a strange direction that I'm afraid only I can appreciate. Will keep working on some of these ideas, and do more crow-related things around Halloween. Stay tuned!

By the way, be sure to stop by my friend Carolyn's website and take a look at the gorgeous paintings in her gallery! She will have prints and greeting cards of many of these at Birdfest.


flappergirlcreations said...

Oh man. Don't get me started on shopping for digital collage sheets on Etsy! It's so addicting. One of my favorite shops for browsing is

I love crows too! When I was drumming in my old band, I used to set up this cute faux crow on my big kick drum at our gigs. I was nicknamed the "goth Jolene" for awhile. Ha!

Patti said...

That's where I got these images.... piddix! I just stuck "vintage bird images" in the etsy search box and up she popped.... and local even! Thanks for the comment, Christine.:)

flappergirlcreations said...

Do you know about the Graphics Fairy? She posts free vintage clip art and images every day. I've found some really awesome stuff on her blog:

And French Kissed (who is also local) posts a freebie vintage French postcard graphic each week on her blog: She is so awesome and funny. I've bought quite a few images from her Etsy shop too: