Thursday, August 4, 2011

On Original Artwork...

I wanted to take the time today to stand up for a friend. Paula Nerhus is a fabulous doll artist and photographer. Her work is exquisite, charming, haunting, and well... just unforgettable.
I've become an ardent admirer of Paula's work in the past year or so. I was so excited to see a feature on her in the newest issue of Art Doll Quarterly.

She has quite a following and it is very well-deserved. Her pieces are fearless and imaginative... the stuff of dreams.
Sadly, Paula recently found out that someone in Australia has been copying her dolls... blatantly using the same big eyes with deep shadowing, very similar facial features and hair styles... and pawning them off as original art dolls on etsy and Facebook.

It's just really so sad when a unique and gifted artist has their ideas stolen and copied by someone who puts their copied work out there as "original". It happens. It's wrong... but it happens. These things are difficult to control. In this situation, it's hard to believe that the "impostor" would think no one would recognize Paula's distinctive style or the business name that they lifted from yet another widely-known doll artist.

Artists are supportive of each other, though, and eventually the truth wins out. No one who copies can ever truly capture the heart and soul of the original piece.... that is something elusive and immeasurable. Thankfully, Paula's work clearly shows the difference. Her dolls glow from within, as if they are living beings. She imbues them with that special something that only an original artist has to give. I can't wait to see what she creates next!


Papillon Bleu said...

I think those girls have done a favour to Paula when you read all the wonderful posts like this one about her work.
I support Paula at 100% .

laura said...

It is so sad when things like this happen and yet, they happen far too often. I have a friend whose idea was stolen by a major manufacturer and because they made a few changes to her design she was powerless to do anything about it. I think our best recourse is just to support the original artist like people did when that etsy seller who made state jewelry was copied by a major retailer...The AP did a story and her etsy shop was swamped with buyers who wanted to show her that she was supported. BRAVO!

Lorena Angulo said...

You are totally right !!
The work from your friend is AMAZING and no one will be able to copied her spirit and soul. That is impossible to transmit when you did not created the piece on the first place. Copying something makes the piece cold and without any feelings. I as an artists also understand how sad and frustrating this can be but Paula has a marvelous gift and the talent to keep creating amazing pieces, sadly for the other person, she does not.