Thursday, March 8, 2012

March Art Challenge

A dear friend and I made a rash decision recently to launch ourselves headlong into a mini-art challenge, just the two of us. We had seen others participating in "30 Days of Art" challenges and thought it sounded "fun". So, we took the leap on March 1st.

Whether we knew what we were getting into or not, the goal was to motivate each other to create SOMETHING... one little finished piece of art, every day. Anything goes... a sketch, a painting, an ATC, a collage. Even just a doodle. The point was to get us working every day. Having to be accountable to each other is just a wee bit of pressure. Sort of the gentle kick in the pants that one sometimes needs to get the supplies out and prime the creativity pump a little.

Here's my piece from March 7th...

This is an ATC collage, made with various vintage papers, image transfers, acrylic paint and oil pastel crayon.
(2.5" x 3.5")

Since Lynn and I live many miles apart now, we each have a virtual responsibility to post our daily work to each other somehow... either to Facebook, Flickr, blog or even via the old-fashioned e-mail.

Full disclosure:  We got off to a bit of a stumbling start, and have had to allow ourselves great flexibility in the rules, what with Life Itself and all of it's intervening necessities. (So far, neither of us has lived up to the one-piece-per-day commitment.) Luckily, we've been friends forever and are happy to grant generous amounts of forgiveness to each other. After all, it's just us.:)

For anyone who might be considering doing this with another artist friend, I highly recommend it! The anticipation of seeing what the other is going to create next is really fun, and has already led to all kinds of opportunities for both of us... to learn new techniques and just face our own creative blocks. I'll admit, I'm kind of hoping we keep this up long past March.


Paula Guhin said...

Patti, I admire you and your friend for challenging yourselves like that!
Time is at such a premium that we need a kick in the pants at times!

Jill Zaheer said...

Dear Patti, Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on our Pulse of Mixed Media 31/31 train ride. What a wonderful pact you made with your friend. The best part is your trust in one another and that you've set a goal for yourselves- regardless of whether you actually make the milestone you've set. Remember- it's the ride that's the fulfilling part- like the journey of life. So glad to meet you and will be back to see how you're doing!! Thanks again!