Monday, March 11, 2013

The Transformation of Jane

Last summer, I embarked on a collaborative "round robin" project with seven other doll makers, from all around the country. We each started a doll and sent it on to the next person in the circle, for each to add a little something and begin shaping the character and personality of the doll that would return to each of us in the spring. Mine started out as just a torso. More or less a blank slate!

What follows is a collage of photos I took once she arrived back home today... spotlighting some of the features added by the other artists, along with pages from the journal that traveled with her every step of the way.
The journal's cover... before she left on her journey.
Head and face by Kathryn Hall.
A skirt of glorious ribbons and fibers, by Lynne Sward. Arms and hands by Barb Kobe.
Wings added by our fearless leader, Pamela Hastings.
Sturdy striped legs & standing base... by Lori Grassette.
Heart and stars... golden headdress and birds (in hand and hair) from Mary Louisa Klawetter.
Back view... with Thea's neck ribbons and beads streaming down between her wings.

Amazing hands.

Thea Roy added beads, stars, hearts.... and more ribbons!

Mary Lou's bird in Barb's hands.

Does Kathryn know that these tiny realistic looking teeth push me to the edges of my creepy childhood doll fantasy-fears? :)
Inside cover and my page... to start off the journal.
Barb Kobe's fabulous hand pages.
Lori Grassette's pages.
Pages from Lynne Sward and Mary Lou Klawetter.
Thea's pages.
I think Pamela did this page, which I LOVE! I know Jane's arms were once raised above her head in a very ballet-like pose, but she since changed her mind, I guess!
From Pamela.

In such great company am I.

Adieu and anon... fair Jane. Venus has arrived!
What an amazing experience. A big commitment and investment of time and art... well worth it in the bonds we forged with each other in this process!

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A Splendid Moment by Rindy said...

Stunning work you artists! An amalgam of heart and hands and spirit. Beautiful and delicate, forthright and powerful. She stands.