Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Burn Down the Mission

I'm on a mission. Getting ready for the Day of the Dead show at Guardino Gallery, where I'm slated to have a few pieces included. Feeling the pressure.

Oddly, whatever direction I *thought* I was going in this week has not quite worked out. One dead end or minor catastrophe after another. Thought I was going to spend today modeling paperclay skulls, but I put on Tumbleweed Connection and found out Bernie and Elton had other plans. I sort of fell down their mysterious rabbit hole and ended up cutting, hammering, pickling and filing little copper heart charms.
Sometimes you just have to smash apart all your ideas or expectations and start over. So.... go ahead. Burn, burn, burn, burn down the mission walls and see what happens!One of these folky prim heart charms will adorn the chest of my Catrina doll which is being reworked a little for this show. She's decided to take a darker turn and get on a little more bling.

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