Thursday, January 3, 2013

THIS YEAR, I RESOLVE.... make fewer commitments.

Last year was very full of many wonderful things. Weddings, reunions, events of all kinds. This year, I bought a blank calendar with very large spaces. And I like it that way... all that open space. Yes, I know it will fill up despite my wishing it wouldn't, but right now I'm appreciating the open road ahead. No deadlines, no Monumental Events. What this means, my friends, is that I am committed to saying "NO" a lot more. Don't take it personally. use what I have.

In 2013, I am not signing up for any classes, workshops or retreats. I already have enough skills, techniques, supplies and ideas to keep me busy for the rest of my life. The trick is.... to DO it. And so, there will be less dabbling. Less going in a million directions. Less acquiring of yet more *stuff* that I don't have room to store. Less dreaming. More doing. shut my mouth.

In 2013, I want to blog more and talk less about it. In other words, despite my penchant for writing, I resolve to record more of what I see and do in image form. Last year, I discovered that I really REALLY enjoy that part that comes at the end of creating a doll, a piece of art or jewelry.... photographing it. I want to do more shutter snapping and less typing. More wandering around my world with camera in hand... less sitting on my ass in front of the computer. let go.

Lastly, I resolve to unearth one thing that I've been carrying around with me for a LONG time. Unwrap it, dust it off, and let it go. Not sure what that will be yet! 

May 2013 gracefully bless your life and grant you opportunities to leave the world a better place.