Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Get Punked

Punks are all the rage around here...

After the Valentine love punks I made for my granddaughters, the first was Gigi... who is now listed here... on Etsy.  This and all the other punk dolls below are made from a vintage log cabin quilt, circa 1930's-ish. If you look closely at the seams, you can see that most were pieced by hand! I'm using vintage buttons for eyes, bits of wool felt, old keys, faux fur for hair, and trim from my stash of silk sari ribbon, vintage rick-rack and other lovelies. Each is about 6.5" tall.

Next came Babs... a birthday gift for a friend. This is my personal favorite so far. I just love how much character came out as I worked on her.

Then, Esme... by request, for my daughter-in-law. Esme's blue button eye (stacked on a larger brown button) was from the dress of a baby doll I had as a child, and have been carrying that button around ever since. The only thing I had left of her.

Just finished Posie this afternoon, and she was sold within the hour! Homage to my friend, Catherine Zacchino (aka Junker Jane) for the design of the stitched "X" mouth. I totally love the super old coral pink button. I bought that button at an antique store a few years ago for 25 cents, just because I loved how worn it was... the only thing I bought that day.

Punks in progress... more to come!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Gimme some Love Punks

These are the Valentine version of my Voodoo Punks from last fall.
Cutter quilt with felt and buttons... and some uber long faux fur hair.