Friday, September 12, 2014

The Adornment of Wrists

I can't stop making button bracelets. I adore them! I love wearing them almost as much as I love making them. There is something wonderful about a lovely piece of jewelry that you can look at while you're wearing it, without needing a mirror. Having something shiny around my wrist is just exactly the perfect thing. Here are a few recent delights, some of which are still listed in my Etsy shop.
This one surprised me by becoming my favorite, despite the fact that I never wear yellow!
That one gorgeous Victorian faceted steel button takes my heart!
Dramatic, sexy, elegant, classic. 
What's not to love about black glass plus rhinestones?
SO loved this collection of green gems!
Someday, I'll need to hire a fresh young wrist to model these bracelets.
More black beauties!
Open sesame! This should do the trick.

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basil2001 said...

Patti - when I hear "button bracelet" I think of the crocheted ones from the late 80s - but yours are much more sophisticated! A whole new style and just gorgeous!