Thursday, December 11, 2014


Oh, Roger. Who... are you?
Behind blue eyes.

This is a crazy quickie doll I made for my adored sister. She's been a Who fan, and a Roger Daltrey-o-phile since the age of 11, when I took her to see the movie, Tommy in 1975. That's all it took. She attended her first of many live Who shows not long after that, and adorned her bedroom walls with posters of Roger. (She might still, if she could get away with it.)

On my last birthday, she surprised me with tickets to Fleetwood Mac… one of my all-time favorite bands. So how could I possibly match that? Only if The Who went on tour, which they thankfully decided to do, just for me! So, her birthday gift this time around was a ticket to their 2015 tour… "The Who Hits 50!", next September.  Since we have to wait ten months till the actual concert, I had to do something else extra special. And so I presented her with Roger.

Full-tilt hippie 1970's Roger in full fringe.

The jacket. Challenging but FUN to make.

Romney wool ringlets dyed with some blonde Nice 'n Easy.

Felt hippie moccasin boots. I want a pair.

He never wore a shirt. Did he?

Research… research. *sigh*

My generation, baby...

Has Daltrey ever been made into a Doll-trey? I'm sure he has. But this one is still one-of-a-kind.


spindelmaker said...

What a cool doll! And he really looks like Roger! My husband is a big Who-fan too, one summer we had a family-project of learning all the lyrics to the "…sure plays a mean pin-ball"-song from Tommy. :-)

kensarnowski said...

Momma's got a Squeeze Box Daddy never sleeps at night!! Nice Roger Doll!!