Monday, July 7, 2014

China Doll

Poor little China Doll…. she was looking sad and forlorn for a while.
She sat alone in the garden for hours. Inconsolably sad.
I asked her what was wrong… and other than being upset that she missed the Cyndi Lauper concert, she finally admitted she was just lonely. "You never have time for me", she sniffed… "You just dress me up, paint my cheeks, knot my hair ribbons and leave me alone." Poor little party girl!
I could see it in her eyes. It was time for her to take a trip. As soon as I told her about my idea, her toes began to wiggle. She could barely contain her urge to dance!
I helped her pack her bags and paid her passage for an exotic adventure… to beautiful Ohio. 
"Do I look okay?" she asked excitedly... "What are they wearing these days in Ohio?" I assured her she'd fit right in, and helped her with her luggage tags.
Then I noticed… she was finally smiling! Beaming and bright.
She's now rooming with a dear friend of mine who will keep her entertained with stories of her world travels and exciting adventures. 
I'll miss you little China Doll. Your quirky ways made me smile for a little while.

{Our dear girl is a stuffed cloth folk art doll… and sports a vintage plastic bow button, vintage ribbon, rickrack and lace.}

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Father Time: Assemblage

Father Time is a mixed-media assemblage, meant for hanging outside & made as a birthday gift for my eldest. I've been carrying some of these elements around for years, waiting for the right project. Since my son recently bought a new house with a couple of lovely wooded acres, I'm hoping he hikes out into the middle of it all and finds a nice tree to hang this piece on. There he will stay, deteriorating naturally over time and eventually melding with the forest itself.

Father time has a working compass in hand, just in case you get lost.

Knobby hips and a vintage Cub Scout button.

He urges you to "Save the Whale"… just one whale.
Yes, as a matter of fact, those are Cupcake prosecco corks.:)