Friday, June 17, 2016

Little Love Collections

What to do with a quadrillion vintage buttons? I'm obsessed with buttons, which may explain why my collection is so vast. But enough is enough.. or so I recently declared. I decided I simply have to sell some of them, but marketing buttons is depressing. No one seems to want these little treasures! How can that BE?? Internet markets are overflowing with underpriced vintage buttons and this just tells me that no one can see the potential in them the way I do.
Fun vintage plastics, probably from the 1940's or '50's

Civil War era bone buttons
Glorious vintage red plastic buttons!
And so, I'm back to button bracelets... I like to think of them as unique little collections you wear on your wrist. As all of my previous bracelets, this is crocheted on strong nylon cord, solidly tied and glued so it is very durable. If you love it, I can only say "stay tuned" for the next creation because this one was sold before it was even finished. 
How can a button lover resist?
Includes some tiny Victorian glass buttons with gilt detailing.
I can barely stand to let this one go.
Rhinestones, too!
LOVE collection... for your wrist


Doug Doores said...

I would think buttons made from bone or ivory would have value to collectors. I do like the bracelet!

Patti Durovchic said...

Thanks, Doug.:) Sadly, even these bone buttons don't go for much these days, although I'm told that our local tribal women frequent the antique stores to comb through jars and boxes, looking for shell and bone buttons, which they pay "top dollar" for....literally. By that, I mean probably an actual dollar per button. Still seems a pittance for such a tiny thing that has survived over 150 years!