Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Trip to the Doll Hospital!

One of the wee dollies I made for my granddaughter had a very unfortunate adventure recently... tumbling from her shelf as bedding was being stripped one day. She went through the entire wash/dry cycle along with dear granddaughter's sheets! So, this is what a Wee Folk fairy looks like after going through the wash. Not too bad, really!

Her curly Romney fleece locks have felted into a flat, matted toupee... she'll definitely need new hair and a re-glue of her wool beret. Her jacket has shrunk a bit, petal skirts are in disarray, ribbon sash and trim needs to be pressed, re-tacked and/or replaced. But, other than that, I'm quite impressed that she's still recognizable! Stay tuned for "after" photos. :)


Sarah said...

Aww I cant wait to see her after pictures. Thanks so much I will double check for the fairies when I wash bedding from now on!

Mary said...

Better yet, train the FAIRIES to do the wash!