Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Babies

An upcoming issue of Soft Dolls and Animals magazine is requesting photo submissions related to the theme, "Babies"... and I'm thinking this one might fit the bill.

This is a pin doll that I made for a shower gift for Sarah, when she was expecting twins, Ruby and Larkin, in June of 2007.

The baby dolls are made using techniques learned from Salley Mavor's book "Felt Wee Folk".

They are 1.5" tall (yes, you read that right) and are made with pipe cleaner armature, wooden bead heads... hand-painted faces, wool felt dresses and bonnets, wool fleece hair. What do you think? Should I send it in?

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Patti said...


I submitted the photo to the magazine and got an e-mail from the editor-in-chief that just said:

"THANK YOU!!!!" :)