Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Starting Somewhere

This will be the first installment in this blog, totally dedicated to my artwork... and especially doll making.

Celebrating taking myself seriously today. On orders of Julia Cameron, I'm supposedly practicing reading deprivation this week... but I'll assume writing is kosher. My next assignment is to describe myself at age eighty and list some things I did after fifty that were "fun". Daunting INDEED!

Many thanks to Anne for the nice visit today... for appreciating my humble work so far, and for sending me away with many goodies to play with. I liked your elven gal very much, and hope you'll assemble her, despite the blood stains! That just adds character! I loved her slender fingers, loved her ears, loved her eyes, loved her funny feet... and especially her mossy hair. Pllllluhhhh, to all the people who don't get it!

I'm forcing myself to set things in motion... and so, fear aside! Universe... consider them moving!

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