Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Wonders of Wire

I was fascinated by the black wire sculptures of Leigh Pennebaker (www.leighpennebaker.com), after seeing her work in Home Companion a few months back, and tore out the article to save in my endless pile of "ideas and inspiration". It resurfaced during my recent "upstairs studio" move, and needing something creative to dive into, I simply couldn't stop myself from buying some black steel 19 gauge wire at the hardware store and seeing what I could do. It was FUN and FAST... and I actually ended up with something that faintly, though rather crudely, resembles Pennebaker's incredible wire-sculpture gowns.

This first attempt is 15" tall. I even made a few of the tiny wire coathangers. Am thinking about experimenting with adding fabric and ribbons... weaving some different materials in with the wire, and/or creating an actual full doll figure with wire, and taking it from there.

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