Friday, February 20, 2009

Fairies and Felting

The time I spend with my granddaughters is more fun than anything I can imagine, and even better when we make art together. Iris (age 9) started a fairy while she and sister Stella stayed with me on Winter Solstice Eve... but we only recently got back together, just Iris and I, to finish her up.

Iris chose all the colors, the flowers and felt. With just a little guidance from me, and following Salley Mavor's book, she wrapped the arms, legs and feet with embroidery floss on her own. She also painted this lovely face... me helping only with the nose. I embroidered and constructed the felt jacket and attached the wings. We'll focus on learning embroidery stitches next time.

Then, Iris chose gorgeous flaxen mohair locks for the hair and we worked together to style and finish it up with a sweet acorn cap. While the glue was drying, we got side-tracked into playing with my collection of wool felts and bits of fleece. Iris has decided she loves needle felting and still wants to do more of it, despite bloody fingertips from stabbing herself several times with those pesky barbed needles!

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Sarah said...

I love her. She is so lovely and her hair is so very soft. you are such a wonderful Grandma and the girls had a magical time with you making "forgotten kisses" and fairies. Most girls are not so lucky to have such a fun Grandma