Friday, February 27, 2009

Guardian Angel

Just a little something for today...

Unable to fight the urge to wire some random things together, I just started playing around with an old doll head, some fine brass wire and a woven potpourri basket that's hung in my closet for decades, filled with old lavender buds.

Karl made the inlaid wood wings and the lathe-turned base the round-bottomed basket stands in, years ago. She's wearing a guardian angel medallion and her halo is a sterling silver bubble wand that "Auntie O" gave to Katera when she was tiny.

I'm not sure she's finished yet, but my studio time for the day is about over. I spent some of it today trying to figure out if my silly little camera will reveal some hidden functions and redeem itself as blog-worthy after all... but I'm afraid hope fades.

I set up my etsy shop yesterday. If all goes well, my friends, you may see something actually listed in it soon! My user name there is bungalowgal, but I'll post a link to the shop as soon as I take that Big Step!

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