Thursday, March 11, 2010

My First Doll

This Holly Hobbie rag doll was made for my sister in 1974, the year she turned 11.  I was 20-yrs-old at the time living far from home in Monterey, California.

If you remember back, this was the time period that the Little House on the Prairie TV show was at the height of popularity, so this doll was very much inspired by that era.

The body is white muslin; the head is a white stocking, all stuffed with poly fiberfill. There is some slight needle-sculpting to give the head some shape through the eye area. The features are all embroidered, including eyes embroidered on covered buttons.

I used this Simplicity pattern for the doll and her clothing. My own pattern is long gone, but I just happened to find the same one listed on and grabbed the photo. You can see how my rendition of the face/ head did not quite turn out they way it was supposed to! Not bad for a first try, though.

She has two outfits... two dresses, two pinafores and two matching bonnets, plus undergarments. I think she had shoes at one point, but am not sure. I'll have to ask my sister if she remembers. If so, they must have become lost. Poor thing... her French-knotted nostrils are a little lopsided after all these years. She may need some reconstructive surgery!

I was interested in posting "my first doll" here, and this doll came to mind, but my sister was unable to find her at first. She finally surfaced after months of searching. What fun to see her again. I am tempted to buy that pattern and make a few more Holly's.  Enjoy!


Seth said...

Nice! I hadn't heard this story before. Good to know she's no longer lost. Nice work Mom!


Amy said...

Patti, she is precious!
I am so glad you shared her & her story with us! <3

Anonymous said...

Hi Patti, As I was getting Dolly changed and ready for her photo shoot I thought I remembered she had shoes; little felt ones. I'll look for those too. I think her nose is just fine. Not everyone has perfect nostrils. She is beautiful!