Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My first submission!

I recently decided to just go for it, and send one of my dolls in to Art Doll Quarterly for possible publication. Their March deadline is for the fall issue, which always includes lots of Halloween-related dolls, so I sent my witch from last fall. 

An acknowledgment postcard just came the other day from ADQ, with "Thanks!" written in big green letters, so I'm hopeful! That doesn't mean that she will ever grace their pages, but my fingers are crossed. I know they'll keep her for a good long time, as that's the usual process. Hopefully, she'll be back home in time for this Halloween! Here she is, sitting next to our Faerie Door.

I have been so remiss in posting lately. I've been meaning to mention the wonderful playday I had recently with my new doll maker friend, Lulu. I had the pleasure of visiting her home a few Sundays ago and seeing some of the WONDERFUL dolls and other artwork she has created. Her place is filled with vibrant color and so many interesting things to look at! We spent a few hours working on dolls together... sewing, stuffing and chatting, and finding out how much we have in common- not the least of which is our mutual fascination with Frida Kahlo. I absolutely love her Frida doll, and am so inspired now to make one of my own. Thank you SO much, Lulu for a memorable and fun day... hopefully, the first of many more to come!

I made an attempt at a Frida about a year ago, but you may recall I really got stuck and never finished that project. Now I have a better foundation to work from, as I recently joined the Cloth and Clay Doll group, and took Jane DesRosier's (aka "Gritty Jane") video workshop. I highly recommend the workshop (it's quite affordable at only $25) and the group! There is much talent and inspiration to be found there. I will be using Jane's cloth-and-clay technique for my Frida doll.

I am just finishing up a doll I started prior to taking the Gritty Jane workshop, in which I did use paper clay over cloth, then painted with acrylics, in similar technique. Let's just say I learned a lot from both Jane and plain old experience! This doll is a 1920's "bareback rider"... circus theme-inspired...and styled after a re-pro Barnum and Bailey poster that has hung in my daughter's room for years. I have yet to name her... and alas, can't post any photos yet as my camera took a little trip to South America with my in-laws. So, stay tuned!


Rose-Marie said...

Patti, that is so cool that Frida made it into ADQ! What an exciting thing. I'm so pleased to see your work being acknowledged...and your talent!

Patti said...

Hi R-M...
Well, MY Frida didn't make it in. In fact, she's still unfinished! :( The witch doll (the photo with this blog entry) is the one that got in. I call her Brunhilda.:) Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment! XX OO