Friday, December 10, 2010

Ancient Lady

This is an original mixed-media collage I did with specific intent... to get another jointed paper doll image to use for my bamboo pendants. This piece again utilizes writing... typed and handwritten text... from my grandmother's stories and notes, as well as some circa 1902 newspaper that was in a scrapbook my grandmother had saved for years. The face is an image I tore from an art book... a third century Coptic encaustic work that is in the Louvre, titled "Portrait of a Young Girl". I call my piece "Ancient Lady", because those are the words that ended up on her right calf. She has obvious religious undertones... including the text across her torso, and the name "Maria" collaged to the background on the upper left.
The basic paper doll is heavy cardstock, covered with vintage papers of all kinds and sealed with matte medium. The skirt is dress pattern tissue, coated front and back with gel medium and fan-folded. The doll's torso is mounted to the acrylic-painted background on a strip of foam core... which raises it off the surface just a bit, allowing the brad-jointed arms and legs to be moved and posed. I also used two great vintage buttons in this piece... and silk flower petals behind her head, giving almost an "Our Lady of Guadelupe" effect of radiance.

The pendants... not as clear an image as I had hoped. The scan was poor, so I intend to try again with photographs, have them re-printed and try another batch.

Ancient Lady's lovely leg...


Rose-Marie said...

I love your beautiful Ancient Lady, Maria. She just radiates from the bamboo tiles (which, btw, would make lovely ornaments as well), as much as she does in full size. You are a brave soul to rip apart antique writings...not sure I could bring myself to do that. But it breathes new life into what might otherwise go unappreciated. Kudos to you for preserving them for all to enjoy! You are so creative, Patti!

Paula Guhin said...

I love your doll too, kiddo. And your site is great.
Paula at MixedMediaManic.blogspot