Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cloth, Paper, Scissors... putting a bird on it!

My friends at Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine put an appeal out via their Facebook page on Monday for pieces of art that include bird images... their way of tying in to the silly "Put a Bird On It" bit from Portlandia's second episode. They compiled all the artwork they received, including my "Old Crow" collage into a YouTube slideshow that they posted the next day. It was really fun to participate and to see the results so quickly!

My piece was a collage I made for my son Sean's birthday last year. The "Old Crow" was from an ad for Old Crow whiskey I found in a 1940 issue of Life magazine.

This piece was a lot of  fun to do... and seeing it featured in the video makes me want to dig into another collage soon!


Paula Guhin said...

Love it, Patti!
An excellent piece of work, with great colors together.

Patti said...

Thank you, Paula.. and thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.:)