Monday, July 30, 2012

Bottle Pendant Madness!

Here's two more tiny perfume bottle pendants, both 1 & 1/4 inches tall.

The red labeled bottle once held the exotic sounding "Balalaika" fragrance. This one just insisted that I use red seed and bugle beads to fill it. Wrapped in raw copper.
Sadly, the label on the Balmain bottle was already slightly damaged.. just enough to obliterate the rest of the word "PARIS" on the bottom, but I still love it. This one is filled with crumpled gold leaf foil and wrapped with black steel.

I've been having so much fun doing the photography... scouting locations all around my yard. So pretty up close!


Unknown said...

These are lovely! Your wirework is so neat and clean looking. I love them! Did you get them listed yet?

Patti said...

Not yet. I need more hours in the day... or maybe just for school to start!