Friday, July 27, 2012

Perfume Bottle Pendants

What do you do when someone gives you a bucket load of tiny vintage sample perfume bottles?
And I do mean tiny...
If you're me, you start wire wrapping them into jewelry...
Which quickly becomes an obsession...
This one once contained Nina Ricci's scent, Capricci. I filled the empty bottle with gold seed beads and used black steel wire for the wrap.

This next one is called Odalisque, by Nettie Rosenstein. It still had a few drops of caramel colored syrupy scent inside, which I decided I liked the look of, so I glued the lid on tight and just wrapped the neck of the bottle to let the color and the oval shape of the bottle show.

The one above is an oddball, with a very faded unreadable label. It's filled with the same seed beads I threaded onto the wire as I did a messy abstract wrap in copper. Just under 1.75" tall.

Next, INTOXICATION, by D'Orsay. I can't help it... this one knocks me out.
I filled this little 1.5" bottle with crinkled up gold leaf foil.
Kept the wrap simple and used black steel again.
So, what's next? Stay tuned... I just bought twenty-one more vintage bottles on etsy!

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